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OMGFIN Cashback Program

1. What is Omgfin cashback program (OCP) ?

OCP is a kind of reward that we return to customers to encourage customers when they share their purchases and sales with friends.

2. What kind of Crypto will received from cashback?

You will receive the same crypto money you have made. For example, if you trade bitcoin you will receive an amount of btc after the transaction has completed.

3. What are the conditions for receiving rewards?

a. You must share your deal for a certain number of people. And those you share must also execute your same transaction. (The system will not work if you create fake sharing transactions)

b. The total transaction amount must meet the specified threshold.

4. How will cashback work?

When you make a buy or sale crypto, omgfin's system will give you a link to share with your friends. After the link is sent to your friends within a certain period they must click on the link and make one or more transactions of the same type (buy or sell the same type of crypto). When the number of people you share and the total amount has reached the minimum required, the cashback system will automatically activate and calculate the rewards for all members involved in that transaction. Rewards amount will be added to the account when the transaction is completed.

5. What are the differences between cashback and referral systems (affiliate)?
Cashback Affiliate
The reward is based on the combination of referrers transaction and the referrals recipient 's transaction Rewards based on the referrals recipient's transaction
Both referrers and referrals recipient receive rewards The referrals recipient will not receive rewards from their referrers transactions
Encourage referrals recipient to make transactions to receive rewards Will not be effective if the referrals recipient do not open accounts and perform transactions
Trading orders must be placed within a certain period of time There is no requirement of time when the referrals recipient must place an order