Asset Name Enjin Coin
Trade Ticker ENJ
Logo Icon
Asset Type Token
Subtype ERC20
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Proof Type PoS
Algorithm ethash
Base ETH

Enjin Coin (ENJ) is a deflationary token and resource that can be used by developers, entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals to create (“mint”) powerful ERC-1155 tokens for the gaming, entertainment, and retail markets. 
As a successful gaming company, Enjin amassed 20 million users on their social platform over the last decade. Since expanding their products and offerings into the blockchain space in 2017, Enjin has since announced 29 games that have adopted the Enjin Platform, a robust suite of blockchain tools that can be used by developers to tokenize in-game currency, characters, weapons, skins, accessories, real estate, and gaming servers.
All blockchain items created with Enjin’s platform contain ENJ, which is removed from circulation upon minting. Users can also choose to melt down their blockchain items to retrieve the Enjin Coin from within, thereby placing the ENJ back into the market.
Developers can currently use the Enjin Platform to:
* Batch mint over 100 non-fungible tokens with a single transaction. 
* Batch mint millions of fungible tokens in a single transaction.
* Earn micropayments each time tokens are sent/traded/transacted between users.
* Save time and money integrating tokens into their games.
* Manage advanced gameplay mechanics to occur via blockchain transactions.
* Collaborate with other developers to create items that can be used in multiple games, which both Raises the intrinsic value of the items and attracts more players to each game.
* Provide users with a secure, seamless way to store and manage their valuable crypto assets via the 
Enjin Wallet.
* Provide users with an intuitive way to browse, search, and explore all blockchain gaming items through, a blockchain explorer that will soon support ERC-1155 and ERC-721 blockchain collectibles.
* Provide users guaranteed token value via ENJ backing.
...all without writing a single smart contract.
Enjin’s user-facing asset management tools have been developed to serve the wider cryptocurrency market. With support for over 700 cryptocurrencies, the Enjin Wallet is widely considered the most secure blockchain wallet in the world, and the ad-free ranks as the world’s fastest Ethereum blockchain explorer by up to 30 seconds.
Enjin will soon release the Blockchain SDK (software development kit) for Unity, the world’s largest game engine, which will enable Unity’s 4.5 million game developers to easily create and integrate blockchain assets into their games and manage complex gameplay mechanics through transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Unity has announced plans to list Enjin’s Blockchain SDK on the front page of their Asset Store for a full year.