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( 2018/10/30 )

Listing  rules:

We would like to welcome you all to join our listings. And our supporters will give you maximum support to make your listing easier.

Please do not pay for any individual or service (even our customer support staff) claiming that they can list your tokens on the omgfin. We will never ask you to pay any fees by email, telephone, telegram, skype ... or any other means of communication.

1. Factors for coins to be considered listing on OMGfin

- Breakthrough improvements for blockchain

- Blockchain applications are highly applicable to life

- The blockchain products are highly appreciated by experts

2. Factors not considered listing on omgfin

- Tokens are considered a type of securities
- Tokens have legal problems
- Token has fake information
- Token is not applicable in practice

We reserve the absolute right to decide what coin will be listed and we can also change over time the requirements for a new coin are listed on the Omgfin.

Omgfin may suspend or delist a token or trading pair at its absolute discretion without prior notice.

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