( 2018/10/30 )



Current trading fee: from 0.045%


1. General : 0.1% trading fee is applied to the transaction amount of both makers and takers

2. Discount rate:  25% OFF

- By default, if you hold UQC in your account, your trading fees will be automatically subtracted from your UQC balance. Using UQC for transaction fees applies a 20% discount to your trading fee will be applied in the first 6 months and 10% in the next 6 months. The cost UQC amount depends the market price.

- We can accept payment by another kind of coin. However, the discount rate may change. You will see this change within your account.
-You only have the right to use only one coin for the discounted payment

3. Cashback:  30% OFF

We encourage you to share your buy/sell orders with friends or other members for a 30% discount. You can also create groups trading to always be eligible for this discount.

- The discount applies only when the buy / sell order has a minimum of two participants

- The discount will only work when the order value exceeds the specified threshold. This threshold will be adjusted monthly.


Deposit and withdrawal Fees

Deposit:  Free

Withdrawal: Withdrawal fees are regularly adjusted according to blockchain conditions. Please read more below.